TNG Episode 2.02: Where Silence Has Lease

Okay, I’m sorry, I had this whole thing written up and ready to go and then managed to delete the whole thing and then hit save in a completely imbecilic way and I cannot, just cannot bring myself to reconstruct it.

I mean, it isn’t the kind of episode that really rewards rewatching. Here are the important points.

  • We saw Worf’s ‘calisthenics’ program for the first time with SKULL FACE, I LOVE SKULL FACE, WHY DON’T WE SEE MORE OF SKULL FACE?
  • There was a face in space.
  • Rather than stand by while half his crew was slaughtered, Picard set the ship to self destruct, so all of the crew would be slaughtered.
  • Data made the following face:
  • I love me a sassy android.
  • Good episode for faces overall, then.
  • Worf got into a fight with a door.
  • Wesley’s hair was magnificent, it was like a Hokusai wave, it seemed to be soaring while stationary, I wanted to ride it over Agrabah with Princess Jasmine.
  • ‘Where Silence Has Lease’ is a boring title.
  • If you actually care about the episode there’s always Memory Alpha.

Okay, so next time, we’ll begin DS9 season two, with ‘The Homecoming,’ which disappointingly is not about a big football game and a dance. I’m somewhat excited about season two because it has ‘Cardassians’ and ‘The Wire’ and O’Brien and Bashir are going to get closer and the conflict with the Dominion is going to be introduced, but on the other hand, ‘Melora.’

Sorry about this everyone.