TNG Episode 2.01: The Child

In which there are puppies.

Memory Alpha says: Counselor Troi is shocked to find out she is pregnant; Wesley Crusher is weighing his options for the future, with the help of the proprietor of the ship’s lounge, Ten Forward. (Season Premiere) (Please click the Memory Alpha link for detailed information.)

My Review:
There’s a thread of feminist pop culture criticism that goes by the term Women In Refrigerators. It describes a phenomenon in which the creators of a text have apparently decided that the most interesting thing a particular woman character could possibly do is die. Her life and anything she might have done in it is secondary to what her death could motivate other characters (usually men) to do.

There’s also a phenomenon, and I don’t know if it’s got a name, maybe Buns In Ovens, where the creators of a text seem to think that the most interesting and important thing they could do with a woman character is make her a mother. Like, what else could be more meaningful to a woman, right? My God, this shit was all OVER Lost. But then, of course, once a woman is a mother, our culture says she and her life are worthy but boring and limited, except when she faces a crisis in which she must protect her child or children, or as material for domestic situation comedy. So you don’t want that stuff going on too long. Read the rest of this entry »