TNG Episode 1.25: Conspiracy


Memory Alpha says: After the mysterious death of a distinguished Starfleet captain and the destruction of his ship, the Enterprise-D finds Starfleet Command acting erratically, with key officers possessed by alien neural parasites. (Please click the Memory Alpha link for detailed information. The part in the Apocrypha about the Trills is pretty cool.)

My Review
Okay, I do remember seeing this episode when I was a kid, and digging it. It has the most astonishing moment of gore in all of Star Trek, and I just darn well like conspiracy stories, even if this one had to turn out to be masterminded by parasites, because Gene Roddenberry would not countenance a plot that relied on the existence of untrustworthy people in Starfleet.

My high school art teacher had a small scar on his neck in the approximate position of the alien ‘gill’ on the admiral’s neck, and being a complete dork I rationalised this as part of why I didn’t like him. (Main reason: he wanted me to draw a sheep’s skull when I wanted to learn to draw people. And I was an unreasonable little girl.)

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