TNG Episode 2.14: The Icarus Factor

In which ohana means pain.

Memory Alpha says: When Commander Riker is offered command of the starship Aries, his estranged father, Kyle Riker, is sent by Starfleet to brief him on the mission. Meanwhile, Data, La Forge, Dr. Pulaski, Wesley, and O’Brien help Worf celebrate the anniversary of his Rite of Ascension.

My Review

Going into this, I expect to be vastly more entertained by the Worf B-plot. The director of this episode noted that the A-plot about Riker and his dad was kind of a damp squib because, at this stage, Roddenberry was still really pushing the idea that by the 24th Century, humans have just grown beyond stuff like grief and resentment and Daddy Issues, a.k.a. all the best stuff for character conflict (and the entire basis of Lost, no wait, that was ultimately about Mommy Issues… and bunnies). Also, the thought of Data, Geordi, Pulaski, Wesley and O’Brien all being involved in some of Worf’s Klingon issues just makes me smile in anticipation. Awkward people UNITE.

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