Happy Captain Picard Day!

These good folks have made a blog all about this most special of days.

I swear to Earl Grey that I’ll post again soonish – it’s just that shit’s been crazy here, I had to resign from my job because the depression got too bad, and I’m moving house, and Gul Dukat has been talking to me through the flame of a Glade scented candle I got at the supermarket, asking me to rescue him from Mount Doom the Fire Caves.

So in the meantime, keep your cardigans on, drink plenty of tea, and hug your captain.

He's my Number One Dad!

He’ll harrumph a lot and act like he hates it but secretly it warms his artificial heart.


Picardigan’s Holiday

This blog will be on holiday from 14 April to 15 May (at least) because I’m going to be on a trip to the USA with my family. Lucky me! I will be visiting, among other places, San Francisco, where I will be obscurely disappointed that I can’t see Starfleet Academy.

So if you think of me in that time, think of me like this:

except I don’t have a hairy chest and I don’t really look that good in my swimming togs.

also don’t disturb me with wacky shenanigans when I am trying to read Jodi Picoult.

I just have to say in passing

It is a cosmic injustice that Sawyer from Lost has a ‘Gaston’ music video on YouTube and Riker doesn’t. Sawyer is nowhere near the size of a barge.


Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

I may have mentioned, or harped on, the fact that I’m a New Zealander. A few days ago, Tuesday 22 February, the city of Christchurch on our South Island was struck by a severe earthquake, a major aftershock of an initial, already horrible earthquake on 4 September last year. The city is in a terrible state, as I’m sure you’re aware from the news. I am very fortunate to be well away from Christchurch, and not to have lost anyone I know in the disaster. I know things are hard all over, but if you can afford to donate some money to the relief and rescue efforts, you can do it through the New Zealand Red Cross site or, if that’s down (it has been struggling since the earthquake, I hope because it is overloaded with visitors wanting to help), try the GrabOne donation page or the Salvation Army.

You would be doing a truly good thing.

Review of ‘Progress’ to follow shortly, and probably at least one more this weekend.

On ‘vacation’

aka my internet is still not working properly in my new flat, bludging off landlord’s unreliable WiFi, did you know I watch streaming episodes rather than SUPPORTING THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS by buying all the DVDs? DON’T TELL A SOUL. I was joking anyway.
but here is a nice vacation photo of Armus:

Courtesy of the very excellent Hatecation (it seems like there should be some simple way to link a Tumblr picture into a Blogger post, but I’m not seeing it). For God’s sake watch out kid. Although you do have a puckish quality I can’t help warming to.

Part of me can’t wait to get to this episode even though I know how stupid it is. I think I just really like sand, and honestly, I remember Armus scared the poop out of me as a kid (I think I’d had some nightmares about black shiny goo in early childhood; do you ever remember stuff from your childhood nightmares that you just can’t understand why it was so scary? Tractor tyres. The number ‘100’ in gold figures at the top of a silver column. Terrifying), so I’m eager to revisit it and totally not be scared. Above/at left is evidence that Jonathan Frakes is a hell of a good sport, and at this stage of his career had some very sharp buttockular definition.

But anyway, if I ever get things working right here, soon we’ll be back with ‘Dax.’

(Star Trek Love Boat clip removed because it got messed up migrating to WordPress and I could not care.)


In my post on the DS9 episode ‘A Man Alone’ I included several references to the musical Avenue Q, including quoting the number ‘Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist.’ I did not realise anyone would actually be offended by what I thought was just a silly joke, but I now know from feedback that at least one person was.

Honestly, I’m in two minds about this. I don’t want to offend people for no good reason. I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or put them off reading what else I have to say. I’m just writing opinions about Star Trek and there is no earthly reason for me to turn that into some kind of bitter wrangle. For that reason, I offered that person an apology, and I did mean it. (Who knows whether it sounded sincere to them, though; any time I get feedback like that I start to gravely doubt my ability to say what I mean without it sounding like something worse.)

On the other hand, I still think ‘Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist’ is a very funny number, Avenue Q is overall a very funny show, and I like to quote bits and pieces of whatever I think is funny in whatever I write. I guess I can’t anticipate every reference that might bother somebody with a different perspective from my own, every phrase that just seems silly to me but may seem nasty to someone else. (Many, yes, every, no, and a lot obviously depends on context and mood, not to mention whether I’m fully alert at the time.)

I hope people will understand that while I may sometimes say something tactless, without realising how it may sound to another person, I do not mean any harm, and if given the benefit of the doubt and a concise explanation of why what I said bothered you, I usually catch on and try to put things right. I don’t want to be one of those people whose attitude is ‘I didn’t mean it that way so you are in the wrong for taking it that way,’ because I’ve dealt with some of them myself and know how irritating they are.

Am I attempting to justify/cover myself? Yes, I suppose I am. It’s never any fun to hear that you offended someone while joking around; there’s always an element of wounded amour-propre from the clash between one’s intentions and the way the remark was received, especially when you’re usually fairly careful about these things. Even when you habitually try to be considerate and fair, you can still fuck up sometimes in unguarded moments, and all you can do is listen to what the other person says, explain yourself, and try not to repeat that particular mistake.

So I’m sorry about that, I can’t promise I won’t unwittingly make that kind of mistake again, and I ask you to bear with me, I guess. At least I thought about it?