DS9 Episode 2.05 – Cardassians

Memory Alpha says: Garak and Doctor Bashir investigate abandoned Cardassian war orphans on Bajor. (Please click the ‘Memory Alpha’ link for detailed information.)

My Review
Firstly, I’d like to apologise for this update being such a long time in coming. I’ve been having a really messy time. I have suffered from stress-related depression for much of my life and have just had to resign from my job (I did survive six years as a high school teacher which is quite impressive for someone who would rather be at home reading) and have had to move back into my parents’ house while I work out what to do with my life and, well, aargh.

One of the key signs of depression is anhedonia, the l0ss of interest and enjoyment in the things you used to like to do. Often, in fact, rather than feeling actively sad, depressed people just feel really blank and apathetic. This, unfortunately, is part of why they are often perceived as ‘just lazy’ by people with no direct experience of the condition. Thus, while I still really love both Star Trek and expressing opinions about Star Trek at great, garrulous length, I haven’t felt up to doing another Picardigan entry for a while.

However, things are getting a bit better since I’m not at work getting ground down by the stress of it any more, and I want to get back into the swing of this, particularly because I enjoy the interaction I can have with like-minded people through the comments.

So here we go with ‘Cardassians,’ point-form, and for goodness’ sake, I should enjoy this. Incidentally, I have decided to skip the episode after this, ‘Melora,’ because I find it horribly annoying. Some bad episodes are enjoyably bad, like ‘Code of Honor,’ but others should just be quietly ignored.

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