DS9 Episode 2.04 – Invasive Procedures

In which I can’t shake the idea that a boy Klingon has a girl Vulcan’s name.

Memory Alpha says: A desperate Trill tries to steal the Dax symbiont. (For detailed information, please click the Memory Alpha link.)

My Review
Well, doesn’t T’Kar look like a girl’s name to you? Or does it remind you more of G’Kar off Babylon 5? Anyway, let’s see what’s going on with this episode. I am trying to get out of a funk – and this is the first episode I’m watching from my lovely set of DS9 DVDs (seasons one through five – anybody want to give me six and seven? no?) that I got in the Whitcoulls ‘We Are In Major Financial Shit’ sale. The Cardie-styled menu screens are very nice. Read the rest of this entry »


TNG Episode 2.05: Loud As a Whisper

In which it’s a Very Special Episode.

Memory Alpha says: The Enterprise brings a deaf negotiator to mediate the end of a planetary civil war. (Please click the Memory Alpha link for detailed information.)

My Review
And so I’m  back! From outer space! Not quite, but I did visit San Francisco, and I did drink root beer (in a Jack in the Box). Quark and Garak are right about it being cloying, but I don’t know about insidious. I think I’d rather the Federation tasted like iced tea. On to this episode. Read the rest of this entry »