Picardigan’s Holiday

This blog will be on holiday from 14 April to 15 May (at least) because I’m going to be on a trip to the USA with my family. Lucky me! I will be visiting, among other places, San Francisco, where I will be obscurely disappointed that I can’t see Starfleet Academy.

So if you think of me in that time, think of me like this:

except I don’t have a hairy chest and I don’t really look that good in my swimming togs.

also don’t disturb me with wacky shenanigans when I am trying to read Jodi Picoult.


12 Responses to “Picardigan’s Holiday”

  1. solo Says:

    I was going to tell you to wave as you fly over, but then I remembered geography and that you probably won’t be coming over the midwest.

    Ah, well, have fun! I’ve never been to California myself, but it’s one of my goals in life to wonder around SF and ask people where Alimeda is.

    • picardigan Says:

      Ah, but I will cross the midwest, I think, because I enter the country at LA and then fly across to Florida. If you go to the States from New Zealand, you always enter the country at either LA or San Francisco, or as I like to call it, Saint Frisky. So wave your little arms off! I’ll be waving too!

      • solo Says:

        Ah, I erroneously assumed you were only visiting San Francisco, despite the fact that that’s not what you said at all.

        I have been to Florida. They have palm trees 😀

        • picardigan Says:

          And Disney World! AND MANATEES.
          Disney World and manatees, and possibly key lime pie, are the major reasons for me caring at all about Florida.

  2. jakeish Says:

    I can only assume it’s everyone’s major holiday time in the rest of the Western world – I’m in a tourist city and we’ve been swarming with Europeans and Australians (and surely New Zealanders, but I can’t tell the difference on accent alone).

    (plus my father is Australian and that didn’t stop him from working at the New Zealand Embassy when he emigrated to the US, so I can’t help but equate the two a little bit. /gross american)

    • picardigan Says:

      Actually, if you’re getting a lot of Kiwis right now that will be because they’ve chosen to travel outside of school holiday time, when the airfares are more expensive.
      Has your no-good racehorse-stealing pavlova-appropriating sheep-molesting dad explained to you about feesh and cheeps/fush and chups? That’s the standard way to tell the difference between our accents. Apparently I also say ‘tiddy’ for ‘teddy,’ or rather Teddy, the name of my simpleton cat.

      • jakeish Says:

        He has not! Which is which?

        • picardigan Says:

          Australians pronounce ‘fish and chips’ as ‘feesh and cheeps.’ New Zealanders say ‘fush and chups.’ Generally speaking, they stretch their vowels and have a more nasal intonation to their English, while we flatten our vowels and are more likely to speak in a monotone for most of a sentence. The exception to the monotone rule is that we often raise our voices, as if asking a question, at the end of a sentence which is in fact a statement. And we say ‘eh’ like Canadians, when we say something which we are pretty sure is a fact but would like confirmation, as in ‘You’re an android, eh.’
          Other oddities of our dialect: saying something is ‘adjective as’ but not completing the comparison, e.g. ‘I’m tired as,’ ‘Riker is hairy as.’ The expression ‘Sweet as’ is used in an almost meaningless way to indicate that everything is okiedoke, like the Australian ‘No worries.’ And saying ‘Faaaaah!’ when we really want to say ‘fuck’ but we think our mums can hear us.

  3. jakeish Says:


  4. Sparklynn Says:

    I can’t wait for the reviews to resume, but have a great time!

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