By idkmybffspock of Tumblr. And yes, yes, this was my idea.


Dukat’s fashion role models are Fred MacMurray and Leland Palmer.




  1. solo Says:

    oh man, awesome. Way better than mine. Now I want those sweaters…

    • picardigan Says:

      I want everyone to draw their own version of Cardies in cardies. We need to see lots of them! I’m still holding out for some cable knit, which I think would just set off their ridges beautifully.
      Not since the halcyon days of Wesley Sweaters has there been such glorious Trek knitwear.

  2. jakeish Says:

    This is really very awesome. GARAK.

    I was watching Twin Peaks for the first time last year and was interrupted halfway through by TNG fixation! I have a lingering fear that I’ll be spoiled before I get back to it.

    • picardigan Says:

      Spoiled for Who Killed Laura Palmer? The problem with that whole question is that Lynch didn’t intend it to be the main point of the series, perhaps never to be resolved, but he came under pressure from the network to provide a solution and then when he did the viewers dropped off a lot because the story, as they saw it, was over. (Note me carefully not telling you who killed her.)
      There is a huge amount of the most irritating and boring filler in Twin Peaks, from my point of view; anything involving James was incredibly pointless, and the whole storyline about Nadine just never fit with the rest of the show. A closer focus on Cooper and the cases he worked on would have improved things – and of course, if they had made Audrey older to begin with so Kyle McLachlan didn’t have to have Moral Scruples about a romance between her and Coop.
      Or heck, they could’ve given us a romance between Coop and Harry; they already played the Twin Peaks Love Theme under the scene where Harry gives Cooper a deputy’s badge.

      • jakeish Says:

        For that, yeah, but really just in general. I prefer to remain largely ignorant and have every weird little Lynchian thing be a surprise. I have heard that about the resolution, though. And James dumb and I think of him as a fetus because of the TWOP recaps.

        I seem to have great difficulty imagining Cardies in cardies without also imagining them knitting. Damar would make himself a nice kanar cozy. I say that without having met him yet.

        • picardigan Says:

          Hah, yes, he IS a foetus, a boring pointless foetus with stupid hair that grows straight up. I could not BUH-LIEVE it when the show kept SPENDING TIME on him. There were actual interesting people in Twin Peaks! There was Audrey, and her family, and why couldn’t we have had a story about why her brother was mental? There was Bobby and Shelley and that asshole Leo and Bobby’s dad whose work and dreams I would’ve liked to know more about.

          Garak knits his own, and he’s one of those super-fast old-lady-ninja knitters who can do it on autopilot without ever looking at his hands, while reading or carrying on a detailed conversation at the same time, and has probably garotted a few people with the wool (actually, I once read a murder mystery, The Veiled One by Ruth Rendell, in which the murder weapon WAS a special circular knitting needle used as a garotte). He’s probably knitted a few things with state secrets encoded in the stitches, like Madame Defarge in A Tale of Two Cities.

          Dukat’s cardies are knitted by his thankless never-seen wife, as she sits at home having babies and worrying about him and knowing he’s never really loved her but she knows her duty and that will just have to be enough.

          • jakeish Says:

            excellent excellent excellent

            Poor Mrs. Dukat.

            • picardigan Says:

              I wonder so much about his family on Cardassia – particularly that son whose birthday he used to talk about in his propaganda speeches, but I don’t think he ever actually did take him out for a birthday treat. How the hell did those children feel about being ditched for Ziyal? And their father’s madness and disgrace? How would that influence what they’d do with their lives?

              • ricardienne Says:

                I pretend to myself that Gul Macet was their awesome uncle who called them on their birthdays and gave them stern advice about being good Cardassians and told them exciting stories about hanging out with his BFFrenemy Jean-Luc when he was home on leave. And after Dukat disgraced himself and went over the edge he took up a larger father-figure role; heck, if we’re going to play out this fantasy, Macet survived the Dominion War and rose to a position of prominence so that Garak would have someone to snark at as they rebuilt Cardassia.

                • picardigan Says:

                  YES. You can rely on Uncle Macet and his bizarre facial hair. Those poor children won’t grow up completely warped after all.

  3. curuchamion Says:

    Eeeeeeee!!! 😀

    DUKAT KNOWS BEST. Hee! I cannot believe this actually exists! *squee*

    “I’m still holding out for some cable knit, which I think would just set off their ridges beautifully.” – oh god I HAVE TO DO THAT, don’t I? *shakes head at overoptimistic self*

    (Sorry. I should explain. I’m one of the world’s younger old-lady-ninja knitters, who has also made a habit of designing strange and geeky knitting patterns at odd times… and a little while back I somehow got this idea for vaguely hobo!Dukat!inspired fingerless gloves. With moss-stitch cabled diamonds on the backs, and tiny mini-cables along the sides like neck ridges, and [this is overoptimistic, really] maybe a sort of “spoon” design on the palm, and knitted out of this Cardi-armor-colored black yarn with grey flecks that I ACTUALLY OWN and have been wanting a project for. The thing is, I really hate knitting with the tiny needles I’d need to use…)

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