Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

I may have mentioned, or harped on, the fact that I’m a New Zealander. A few days ago, Tuesday 22 February, the city of Christchurch on our South Island was struck by a severe earthquake, a major aftershock of an initial, already horrible earthquake on 4 September last year. The city is in a terrible state, as I’m sure you’re aware from the news. I am very fortunate to be well away from Christchurch, and not to have lost anyone I know in the disaster. I know things are hard all over, but if you can afford to donate some money to the relief and rescue efforts, you can do it through the New Zealand Red Cross site or, if that’s down (it has been struggling since the earthquake, I hope because it is overloaded with visitors wanting to help), try the GrabOne donation page or the Salvation Army.

You would be doing a truly good thing.

Review of ‘Progress’ to follow shortly, and probably at least one more this weekend.


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