Obviously, I already knew sticking Disney music to Lost was brilliant, because check it, but I’d never really thought about sticking it to Star Trek before, and now all I want in the world is a video where Riker is all



Whenever he talks about how he’s responsible for Wesley’s training, that number is exactly how I’m going to imagine it. And if I have to imagine Wesley is a girl in disguise as a boy, well, that actually just adds to the fun.

Someone did use this idea with Worf, I am happy to report:

I never really realised how much people do tai chi in TNG until now.


2 Responses to “OH MY GOD”

  1. solo Says:

    I can leave comments now, yay!

    The first video! That song is so oddly appropriate for Picard and Crusher’s relationship, minus the eels overturning the boat. No, they didn’t need eels, they could utterly fail to have a relationship despite their obvious mutual attraction all on their own.

    (I always wondered what Prince Eric thought of that scene; probably that the wildlife had gone mad and wouldn’t shut up.)

    • picardigan Says:

      I remember he DID make some comment about Scuttle’s singing before Sebastian took over… something not-terribly-smooth along the lines of ‘Someone should find that poor animal and put it out of its misery.’
      But then, Eric is a prince, so I’m sure he’s used to people putting on pageants and shows for him and thinks it’s all quite normal.
      Enjoy commenting!

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