On ‘vacation’

aka my internet is still not working properly in my new flat, bludging off landlord’s unreliable WiFi, did you know I watch streaming episodes rather than SUPPORTING THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS by buying all the DVDs? DON’T TELL A SOUL. I was joking anyway.
but here is a nice vacation photo of Armus:

Courtesy of the very excellent Hatecation (it seems like there should be some simple way to link a Tumblr picture into a Blogger post, but I’m not seeing it). For God’s sake watch out kid. Although you do have a puckish quality I can’t help warming to.

Part of me can’t wait to get to this episode even though I know how stupid it is. I think I just really like sand, and honestly, I remember Armus scared the poop out of me as a kid (I think I’d had some nightmares about black shiny goo in early childhood; do you ever remember stuff from your childhood nightmares that you just can’t understand why it was so scary? Tractor tyres. The number ‘100’ in gold figures at the top of a silver column. Terrifying), so I’m eager to revisit it and totally not be scared. Above/at left is evidence that Jonathan Frakes is a hell of a good sport, and at this stage of his career had some very sharp buttockular definition.

But anyway, if I ever get things working right here, soon we’ll be back with ‘Dax.’

(Star Trek Love Boat clip removed because it got messed up migrating to WordPress and I could not care.)


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